Mini Pokeball Amigurumi

Adapted from Little Bear Crochet’s Free Pattern

I made a mini version of the pokeball using their pattern! It is a little quicker and requires less yarn since it is a little smaller!



Using red yarn:

1. magic ring with 6 single crochet (6)

2. ( inc ) (12)

3. ( sc, inc ) x 6 (18)

4. ( 2 sc, inc ) x6 (24)

5. ( sc ) around (24)

Switch to Black yarn

6. – sc around (24)

7. – sc around (24)

Switch to white yarn

Remember to leave your marker paperclip on the first stitch always!
To switch to white yarn, before you finish the stitch by pulling the yarn into the single crochet stitch, pull in the white yarn instead to complete your single crochet stitch

8. sc around (24)

9. (sc 3, dec) x6 (18) 

9. (sc 2, dec) x6

10. (sc, dec) x6

stuff polyester stuffing into the ball

10. (dec) x6

slip stitch to end it

Black Circle

  1. 4 in magic circle
  2. inc 4
    slip stitch at the end

White circle

  1. 4 in magic circle
    slip stitch at the end


First attach the black circle onto the ball where the new color yarn inserts are shown
Then attach the white circle over the black circle.
A trick is to insert the loose ends of the white yarn through to under the black circle. Then you sew the white yarn into the white part of it
Gotta Catch ’em all ~
with my limited edition Pikachu 3DS

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