Christmas Stocking Cat

With this holiday season here, I wanted to make a cute stocking for the christmas-y atmosphere right now, and what better to add to it than my favorite animal — a cat! 🙂

The finished piece measures 9.5 inch x 3.5 inch. Below in the Materials section, you can find the size of yarn and hook size used.


You can purchase my pattern here on Etsy!


Here are some links to materials you may need. These are affiliate links, so I would appreciate it if you purchased it through my links!

These aren’t the exact materials I used, but they are pretty close. It is good to have some of these around, like the amigurumi eyes, stitch markers, and polyester filling so they’re readily available for your next project!

In terms of yarn, I used acrylic yarn for my project because I currently have a ton of those. However, I do encourage you to use more natural fibers rather than synthetic fibers. It is better for the environment — I will have a whole post about that. The yarn I listed below is cotton yarn, which is a natural fiber, however, it unravels more easily than acrylic yarn, so it might be tough for new beginners.

Here are some acrylic yarns if you are not comfortable with cotton yarn yet! These are not the exact brand I used, but these colors are similar and gauge are the same!

You will probably have lots of yarn left over since amigurumi pieces are pretty small in general. But these are pretty basic colors that you’ll generally need anyway so you’re all set for your next project!

Let me know if you have any questions and happy crafting!

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